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Can't make it this year but still want to contribute? Just want to kick in a little something extra for "whatever"? Rather make a donation now in case you drink too much and forget to bid?  Well, we've got you covered! This is the perfect way to make that (extra) donation ahead of time.

Bar Sponsorship
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Want to help us fill in the gaps so we are 100% certain that we NEVER run out of booze at the party?
Well, here is your chance! Chip in whatever you feel good about to be sure we have a fun night filled with plenty of cocktails, beer and wine.  

Sliding Scale Tickets
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The price of an auction ticket is $90, which covers the ACTUAL cost per person to put on the event. However, we offer any Alvarado community member who cannot afford the full ticket price to attend at a lower price. This is called a "sliding scale ticket", meaning you get to decide what price you can afford to pay. If you can afford the full $90 ticket price, please buy a General Admission ticket on the previous page, and not a Sliding Scale ticket. Otherwise, please choose from one of the amounts listed or select "Other" and enter in any other amount that you feel comfortable with.  The amount entered is the total for ALL the tickets requested.

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